This is probably one of our most popular dishes here at Thorndale. In fact, there’s a rumour going around that our regular clients keep coming back just to get another taste of this delicious, uniquely South African potpie.

If you are not sure how to pronounce potjie. download our awesome learn-the-lingo guide below:

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You will need…



1kg – Venison Meat (cut into bite-size blocks).
Any amount – Mixed vegetables.
x1 – onion (roughly chopped).
1 litre – Beef stock.
1-2 tablespoons – Garlic (add more if you like the taste).
Apricot chutney (add according to your taste).
Sweet Chilli sauce (add according to your craving).
20 ml – Worcestershire sauce.
Add a dash of Steak & Chops spice or any meat spice.
Some salt for taste.
Tiny bit of pepper for flavour and a slight burn.

Now for the cooking…

Sweat the onion and garlic in oil in your best black cast iron pot.
Then place the meat in the pot until it is brown for 20 minutes.
Add the beef stock (add more during cooking time, only if it is needed)

Cook for about 1 hour

Make sure you add in all the ingredients according to the recipe layout to achieve that Potjie taste and feel.

Allow the dish to simmer on a low heat from the start to finish.

While the dish is cooking add all the sauces and spices.
Be adventurous and add more if needed.

Cook for about 2 and a half hours, just before meat is tender and soft.

Be sure to mix well and taste before adding the mixed veggies.

Then add the mixed vegetables and cover the pot for another 30min
or until vegetables are cooked.

Try not to mix the veggies while they are in the pot as they will break.

If the sauce is to watery, add some flour mixed into a bit of cold water/cream/Mazina (this works best) and simmer a little longer until thick.

The meat will pull apart very easily once the dish is ready.

Eat with some cooked rice and enjoy.

Pair with a South African Pinotage.