Spiral Horn “Grand Slam”

$8,890.00 US

10 Days / 9 Full Days of 1×1 hunting

Trophy and Daily Fees are included for the 4 spiral horned antelope

The Spiral Horned Antelope of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa are the top sought after trophies of the plains game species and considered to be the most beautiful. The 4 species of spiral horn antelope are: Cape Bushbuck, Nyala, Eastern Cape Kudu and Cape Eland.

Hunting these plains game trophies in South Africa is a challenge of a life time; completing this Spiral Horned Grand Slam is one hunting adventure you will never forget.

Our hunting method is by spot and stalk.

Additional animals may be added at our Trophy Fee rates, if time allows.

1 x Nyala

1 x Cape Kudu

1 x Cape Eland

1 x Cape Bushbuck

It’s time for you to have fun hunting Plains Game with us at Thorndale Safari. You may ask “Can I afford it?” Yes!! 


Prices subject to current exchange rates. Please view our hunting terms and conditions.

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