We have included a list of our most frequently asked questions, to help you plan your hunting trip to Africa. If you have questions that are not covered in the information below, please feel free to contact us and one of our friendly staff will assist you.

Which documents do I require to hunt at Thorndale Safari?
A valid passport

  • American (USA) citizens need a valid passport to enter the Republic of South Africa
  • European citizens need a valid passport and an entry visa for the Republic of South Africa

If you plan to bring your own rifle, you will also need an SAPS permit for the import and export of your own rifle to and from South Africa (Download SAPS 520 application form)

When is the best time to hunt in South Africa?
The regional climate is moderate throughout the year and our hunting season is open all year round. For hunters specifically seeking to visit during our cooler months, it is recommended that safari be planned between March and October. Winter temperatures average between 7°C and 22°C. Summer months range between 18°C and 36°C.
What clothing items should I pack?
Pack light clothing and comfortable shoes. Sun-protection is also recommended.
What weapon(s) should I bring for my hunting trip?
  • A .243 rifle is suitable for small to medium game
  • A .270 rifle is suitbale as an all-round weapon
  • Up to a .300 WIN MAG rifle is suitable for larger animals

For those who do not have a weapon, please check our pricelist for rifle hire rates.

We highly recommend using a firearms clearing service at Oliver Thambo (Johannesburg) International Airport or Cape Town International Airport.

Please note: Semi-automatic and automatic weapons are not allowed into South Africa.

Which vaccinations do I require?
No compulsory vaccinations (shots) are required. As Thorndale Safari is situated in a malaria-free zone of South Africa, malaria pills are not necessary. Although every care is taken to ensure your safety, hunting in the African bushveld does have its dangers, and so full medical insurance is also recommended.
How do I get to Thorndale?
Most travellers landing in South Africa, arrive at either OR Tambo (Johannesburg) International Airport or Cape Town International Aiport. There you collect your luggage/rifles and pass through customs and immigration. Once you have cleared through, you will need to board a domestic departures flight to Port Elizabeth – where our team will meet you.


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