Hunting in Africa

On the hunt

Experience the thrill of hunting African trophies and wildlife on Thorndale Safari’s 5,000 hectares of unspoiled Karoo bushveld and hilly savannah. Embrace the traditional “walk and stalk” method, guided by our team of experienced professional hunters, trackers, and skinners, as you track animals, plan your route, and navigate the terrain. Immerse yourself in the African hunting experience at its finest.


  • Day starts at sunrise with a quick coffee and bite to eat
  • Head off to the hunting grounds
  • Return for brunch for a much needed rest and recovery
  • Afternoon hunt starts late afternoon until the evening
  • Return to the lodge to end off the day

South African Climate

Hunting all year round

Imagine yourself stalking your prey in the pristine wilderness of South Africa’s Eastern Cape, with temperatures that range from 16°C to 36°C (60.8°F to 96.8°F) in the summer and 7°C to 20°C (44,6°F to 68°F) in the winter. With the perfect weather and an abundance of game species, the Eastern Cape is a hunting paradise waiting to be explored.

  • Hunting season is open year-round
  • Optimal hunting months are between February and November

Hunting weapons

Bringing your own weapons along? Take a look at our caliber guide below.

Recommended firearms for larger plains game

  • .270
  • 30-06
  • 7 mm
  • .300 Win Mag
  • .300 Weatherby
  • .308
  • .338

Recommended firearms for smaller plains game

  • .222
  • .223
  • .243

Recommended firearms for dangerous game

  • A minimum of .375 caliber required by South African law
What to know when bringing firearms into South Africa

It is important to have a sturdy rifle case for international travel, with a separate case for ammunition. Make sure to have secure locks on these cases. We also suggest bringing an additional soft case per gun to protect the rifle from dust and to ensure they are secure while travelling in vehicle rifle racks. Before leaving home, zero all rifles with scopes. Scopes should be rechecked before hunting as they may have shifted during transit. Opt for a scope with variable power and try to find scope covers as dust and moisture can affect your chances of success.

Please note that South Africa requires a temporary import/export permit for firearms and ammunition when travelling to the country. We recommend using a clearing agent to assist with this process.

We highly recommend using a firearms clearing service at O.R Tambo (Johannesburg) International Airport or Cape Town International Airport.

Please note: Semi-automatic and automatic rifles are not allowed in South Africa.

Hunting Galleries

African Trophy hunts

Take a look at our hunting galleries. Our guests receive an authentic African hunting adventure, assisted by our team of seasoned professional hunters and trackers.

Taxidermy & Trophy Shipping

During your hunt, our team of skinners will prepare your trophy according to your desired mount, whether you choose to use a taxidermist in South Africa or in your home country.

If you have any questions about the taxidermy and shipping process, please contact us and our team will be happy to provide more information. Additionally, our local taxidermist will handle any export permits required in Africa, making the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.